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1. What’s Debrid Italia?
Debrid Italia is a website whose customers are allowed to download – as premium users – all the files hosted by the most important file hosting websites available on the net. To do so, each user just has to buy a single Debrid Italia account, at a really affordable and convenient price.
2. How can I use your services?
Buying a 2,9 Euro Debrid Italia subscription is everything you need to use Debrid Italia services. Once activated you account, just copy and paste the download link from the file hosting website inside the “premium link generating box” of Debrid Italia: it will instantaneously create a direct download premium link, which you’ll be allowed to use from any download manager software. The service supports the multithred download and the resume function.
3. What’s the downloader?
A downloader is a website which allows you to download any file available on download platforms, such as Uploaded, Rapidgator, Backin and many others, at the maximum performance compatible with you internet connection, and without restrictions.
4. Which benefits are there?
Debrid Italia is quite convenient. Not only no-limits high-speed downloads, but also no waiting times, multiple downloads, compatibility with many download manager, the use of the resume function and also the possibility to download using numerous download manager: all of this, with only a single subscription!
5. Is it legal?
Debrid Italia is absolutely legal, since no file is stored, and no link is conserved or distributed for illicit purposes. The inappropriate use of Debrid Italia service in order to download illegal material is in the exclusive responsibility of the user, and no charge may be challenge to the website administrators.
6. How can I pay the subscription?
The subscription can be paid using Paypal, credit card, bitcoin etc. The subscription prices depend on the subscription duration, as follows: 2,9 Euros for 15 days, 3,9 Euros for 30 days, 7,9 Euros for 70 days, 13,50 Euros for 180 days e 23,90 Euros for 365 days.
7. May I resume a previous download?
Of course you can: using Debrid Italia, you’ll keep all the benefits of any popular file hosting website premium account, and the download resume is therefore always allowed, if the webhosting site allows it. Multiple contemporary downloads are also available, and there’s no risk to lose your download for connection problems.
8. How can I increase my download speed?
To speed-up your download, use a download manager: you’ll experience a significant download acceleration.
9. How much time do I have to complete my download?
From the link generation, you’ve got 72 hours to complete your download, expired which you’ll be no longer allowed to start or resume your download.
10. What’s Debrid Italia policy regarding refunds?
Only Debrid Italia service failures are eligible for refunds. Refunds consist in your subscription extension, in proportion to the duration of the outage occurred.
11. Account-sharing is permitted?
It is strictly forbidden any account sharing among users. Cost incurred by Debrid Italia management are high, that’s why our policy cannot be different. IP addresses are regularly verified, and every irregular account, involved in account-sharing, will be immediately suspended, with no right to refund.

Number of servers: 4
Supported hosters: 20
Registered users: 93.686
Link premium generated: 450.412.727
Bandwidth consumption: 44,892.75 TB
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